Takeru Kobayashi Net Worth

Takeru Kobayashi Net Worth is $3 Million

Takeru Kobayashi Net Worth: Takeru Kobayashi is an olympian. Takeru Kobayashi was born 15-Mar-78 in Guthrie, OK. In 2018, Takeru Kobayashi Net Worth is $3 Million. A world record holder in hamburger, grilled cheese, hot dog, lobster rolls, Twinkie, buffalo wings, meatballs, pasta, and pizza-eating contests, this champion competitive eater was signed to a Major League Eating contract in 2012. He is known for his “Kobayashi Shake” maneuver, a unique body motion that allows him to force more food into his stomach.During the Fox network’s Glutton Bowl, he set a world record by consuming fifty-seven cow brains in only fifteen minutes. He set his first competitive eating record in 2001 at the Nathan’s Coney Island Hot Dog Eating Contest. He and fellow Asian-born competitive eater Sonya Thomas both set several world records.

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